When to take your car to a transmission specialist in Phoenix, AZ

If your car is exhibiting signs of disrepair, you will need to take it into a mechanic’s shop as quickly as possible. This will ensure that the car is drivable and safe while you are on the road. With a good, solid transmission, you can travel in your vehicle while having peace of mind knowing that it will perform safely. Understanding when to take your car to the transmission specialist Phoenix, AZ professional will ensure that your vehicle’s transmission is in top condition at all times.

Trouble shifting gears

One sign that your vehicle needs to have the transmission serviced, repaired, or replaced is if you are having trouble shifting gears. If you drive a stick shift and you find that the clutch is hard to move and keeps getting stuck in one of the gears, this is a sign that your transmission needs to be looked at. You will want to get your car over to the transmission specialist in Phoenix, AZ as quickly as possible so they can diagnose the cause of the repair concern and fix it expediently.

Cloudy transmission fluid

Another sign that your transmission may need repairing is if you have cloudy or burnt transmission fluid. This is a major sign that it is time to take your vehicle to the closest transmission specialist Phoenix, AZ has available. They will be able to check out the cause of the discolored fluid which should normally be red in color. Once they have ascertained the cause of the trouble, they can repair it effectively for your vehicle.

A grinding sound when shifting gears

One of the most telltale signs of trouble with the transmission is if there is a grinding sound when switching between gears. If you have a grinding sound as you are trying to shift gears, continuing to drive on the car may cause additional damage. Take the vehicle to a transmission specialist in Phoenix, AZ right away to get the expert help you need.

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