Signs it is Time for Auto Exhaust Repair in Queen Creek

The exhaust system of any vehicle is one of the hardest worked systems making up a vehicle. Its job is to route harmful fumes away from the engine and cabin, all while helping to reduce engine noise and increase vehicle performance. If an exhaust leak occurs, it can make the vehicle’s engine have to work much harder than it should.

The good news is, with auto exhaust repair in Queen Creek, all these issues can be eradicated. Learn about some of the most common signs of an exhaust problem here.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

If a vehicle suddenly begins to get reduced miles per gallon, it can mean several things. One is that there’s an exhaust leak. If this happens, then the fumes aren’t being carried away, resulting in the engine operating at a higher temperature and reducing overall fuel efficiency.

If a driver notices reduced MPGs, calling for auto exhaust repair in Queen Creek right away is a must. If the problem persists, it can lead to much more serious problems.


Another sign of a problem is if there are strange vibrations coming from the gas pedal or steering wheel. This is another tell-tale sign of an exhaust leak. Also, if this leak gets big enough, the whole car may feel like it is shaking.

Not only are vibrations a health issue they are also a safety issue. That’s because they can alter a person’s ability to control their vehicle with a high level of precision.

Increased Noise from the Engine

Increased noise coming from the engine is the most obvious sign of a problem with the vehicle’s exhaust system. The exhaust helps to keep engine noise down, so if there’s a leak, rumblings are going to be heard. Try to look for issues near the exhaust manifold, or anywhere there are joints in the exhaust system.

Knowing when there is an issue with a vehicle’s exhaust system is the best way for a vehicle to drive efficiently and continue to do so. If any of the issues here are seen, the best thing a driver can do is to take it in for repairs right away. Contact us to learn more.

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