Different Types of Transmissions in Grants Pass, OR

One of the first things you should know about your vehicle is which transmission type it has to help you find the right shop for maintenance and repairs. With various transmissions in Grants Pass, OR, you must understand the services and repairs you may face. The following are several basic transmission types.

Manual Transmission

The oldest transmissions in Grants Pass, OR, are manual transmissions. While these have improved over the years, they are still the same. Drivers must press on the clutch to change gears manually. These transmissions feature a simple design and are easier to maintain and repair.

Automatic Transmission

Many drivers are familiar with automatic transmissions. These transmissions in Grants Park, OR, are simpler to drive and don’t require manually shifting between gears at the appropriate time, making them preferable among many drivers. However, these transmissions are more complex and require more extensive maintenance and repairs to keep them operating efficiently.

Continuous Variable Transmission

One of the newest additions to the automotive industry is the continuous variable transmission. Unlike manual or automatic transmissions in Grants Pass, OR, these transmissions have an unlimited number of gears. Instead of shifting between gears, these transmissions use a belt-driven design to function. They operate more like an automatic transmission for effortless driving, but the cost of maintenance and repairs is lower due to the more straightforward design.

If you’re interested in learning more about transmissions in Grant Pass, OR visit the Dusty’s Transmission website.

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