The Difference between a Fifth Wheel and an RV Trailer in Columbus, IN

by | Dec 4, 2017 | Auto

There are two basic kinds of recreational vehicles. What you generally think of as an RV is usually a self-propelled vehicle that provides space for you to sleep, eat, and enjoy yourself while you’re on the road. They can be taken to different locations, and you can stay at campgrounds. However, there is another type of RV. These are the RV’s that are not self-propelled. They require some other vehicle to tow them from place to place. There are two types of RV that require a towing vehicle. Those are the fifth wheel and the RV trailer.

The Differences

Both a fifth wheel and a RV trailer in Columbus, IN require another vehicle to tow them. However, there are differences between the two options. A fifth wheel tends to have a gooseneck trailer hitch that comes in from above the vehicle. Because of the type of trailer hitch and the size of the vehicle, it usually requires the use of a pickup truck to tow it. A trailer, on the other hand, tends to attach at the bottom of the vehicle. Since they are smaller, they do not necessarily require a pickup truck.

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The Size

A fifth wheel tends to be larger than an RV trailer. That means that they require more power from your vehicle and more fuel to tow them. They can also be a little bit unwieldy in certain circumstances. A trailer is a little bit easier to manage. However, it will not fit as many people. If you are looking for a way to get around and sleep one or two people comfortably, a trailer is probably best. If you need more space, a fifth wheel might be the best option. Click here for more info about fifth wheel and a RV trailer in Columbus, IN.

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