Should You Buy from a Private Dealer or a Mercedes Dealership in San Diego, CA

Private dealers have always been selling cars, though with the rise of online classified advertising, a growing number of car owners are now listing their vehicles for sale on the Internet. Interested car buyers often think that purchasing a vehicle from a private dealer will result in a better deal. After all, private dealers may not be as knowledgeable about the actual value of a vehicle when compared to a Mercedes dealership in San Diego, CA.

But we at Santa Fe Auto Group have a different opinion on the matter. In our post, we are going to explore the benefits and some of the drawbacks which come with buying from a private dealer and from a used car dealership such as ours here in Southern California.

Reasons to Purchase from a Dealership

There are a number of benefits that car buyers can take advantage of when purchasing from a used Mercedes dealership. One great benefit is that the dealership will handle all of the paperwork associated with the title transfer and registration of the vehicle. Another benefit is that our dealership Santa Fe Auto Group offers competitive financing options so that you can purchase the vehicle you want and need when you need it. Other benefits include:

  • Our vehicles have been inspected and repaired before being sold to interested buyers
  • Our used vehicles come with a limited warranty
  • We often accept other vehicles as a trade-in which will reduce the sticker price of your used Mercedes

Another important consideration is that purchasing from a used luxury car dealership will provide you with greater legal protection than if you were to purchase from a private party.

Why You May Be Wary Of Dealing with a Dealership

The primary reason why most car buyers do not want to visit a used Mercedes dealership is because they do not want to deal with pushy sales people. The good news is that because pushy sales reps have received such a bad rap over the years, our sales professionals have changed their strategy. Our sales representatives aim to educate interested car buyers rather than coerce them into a sale. We want to provide you with the best car buying experience and make sure that you drive home in the best vehicle for your needs and budget.

The other potential drawback is that used vehicles when sold privately may be less expensive than when you buy through a Mercedes dealership. Keep in mind, however, that dealerships like us here at Santa Fe Auto Group often have special deals on car prices, trade-ins and financing which will help keep prices low. We also extend special discounts to our hard working members of the military and their loved ones.

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