Let an Expert in Auto Body Collision in Newport News VA Handle Those Ugly Automotive Dents

Surviving an automobile accident can be one of the most traumatic events a person can live through. Unfortunately, it does very little for the vehicle either. In fact, Auto Body Collision Newport News VA is one of the more common reasons for people to have a vehicle repaired. This is not to imply that all vehicular accidents are huge incidents since many are simple fender-benders that occur under low or no power. Thankfully, small problems like these are reasonably simple to fix. The method of repair is known as ‘paintless dent repair’ because it doesn’t damage the finish on the vehicle. For this type of repair to work properly there are a few things that need to happen. First, the damaged area should have no creases in the metal or paint. Second, no other attempts at repair should have been made. Finally, an expert needs to quickly pop the damaged area back in place before the paint loses elasticity.

Sadly, not all body damage is that easy to repair. Auto Body Collision in Newport News, VA often occurs at higher speeds which means that an impact will do a lot more damage. Impacting a vehicle on the front can damage several important body parts as well as any steel necessary to keep them in place. This area is often called the front-clip, but front end damage doesn’t always require replacing the whole clip. This is actually by design because most of the front body parts can be easily removed for quick replacement.

A collision on the side of the vehicle can do even more expensive damage. One reason for this might be a problem such as a bent frame. At this point, the only real option is to replace the vehicle. If the damage is limited to quarter-panels or door frames, then it may be possible to weld in new parts. Not many insurance companies are willing to spend a lot of money on these types of repairs so it is best to be careful when making any final decisions.

Some collision repairs are actually superficial. These are often items such as spoilers or bumper guards and tend to be made from plastic. As this implies, these parts are easily torn and may hang after an accident. Repairing these types of problems usually requires replacing the damaged parts. Contact Brucessuperbody.com for more information.

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