Helpful Tips for Buying Automotive Tires in Lancaster PA

Many people don’t know when it is time to shop for new automotive tires in Lancaster PA. The good news is there is a simple test to determine this. Take a penny and place it upside down (Abe’s head down) in the tread of the tire. If the top of Abe’s head is able to be seen, then it is time to go shopping for some new tires. After time passes, flaking or damage to the sides of the tire can also indicate that new tires are needed. Some tips that will help anyone with this purchase can be found here.

Find the Size

One of the first things to do when shopping for new Automotive Tires in Lancaster PA is to find the right size. The size of the tire needed is on the sidewall in a sequence, such as P145/50R15. It is essential that the replacement tires purchased matches what is indicated on the door jamb in the car or in the owner’s manual, rather than what is currently on the vehicle.

Age of the Tires Matters

As time passes, tires will deteriorate naturally. This is even faster during hot weather. The “birthday” of a tire is seen as a four-digit number that follows a sequence of letters that starts with DOT, which indicates the week and the year it was made. For example, 2512 means the 25th week of 2012. It is recommended by vehicle manufacturers that tires are replaced after a period of six years, regardless of their condition. Since there are some shops that stock older tires, it is important to check the age code to ensure that an old tire is not being sold.

Learn the Language

Tires that are considered “all-season” are a smart option for the majority of drivers. Some drivers will think that “high-performance” tires will be better, but this is not necessarily true. The performance of the tires means how well they are able to handle the vehicle at a higher speed, not the lifespan.

Taking the time to find the right tires is essential for a properly operating vehicle. The tips here will help any driver do just that.

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