Repairing European Automobiles

When you need European car repair in Chicago, it is essential to find the right automobile repair shop. Some automobile repair shops only know how to fix American manufactured vehicles, and when you want to have an automobile repaired with original equipment manufacturer parts rather than using aftermarket parts, you must find a reputable technician. European-made vehicles often use the metric system measurements rather than using the customary measurement system from the United States. In addition, a mechanic will have a vehicle manual that has been translated into English, helping him to understand how to fix something.

Offering Emergency Tows for Your European Vehicle

To have efficient European car repair in Chicago, you need a mechanic who can pick up or deliver your vehicle. This is especially important when the vehicle requires an emergency tow. While some vehicle repair technicians use poor-quality tow trucks, you will want to use one that cares for your vehicle properly to prevent additional damage to its engine components or its exterior. In addition, you may want access to 24-hour vehicle repair when your automobile stops working while on the street or in a parking lot.

Call Us Today for Professional European Vehicle Repairs

There are several types of European-made vehicles, including Volkswagen, Land Rover, Audi, Mercedes and BMW, so you must look for a mechanic who understands each type of European car repair in Chicago. To determine if your vehicle has a particular problem, it will require a diagnostic with certain types of equipment that are attached to a computer’s software system. This information is vital for understanding what is wrong with your vehicle before it is repaired by our certified mechanic. To learn more about our vehicle repair center, contact Chicago Motors Auto Service at our website located at

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