Why Buying a Used Car Can Be a Smart Investment

The first thing most people do at a car dealership is trying to get a whiff of new car smell. Yet, this alluring scent comes with a hefty price tag. Buying a new car can have a devastating effect on your pocketbook. Due to this, it makes sense to take a look at a dealership’s used car selection. Choosing the right used car at Alsip can help you get a good deal on a reliable vehicle. When considering your next vehicle purchase, think about investing in a used vehicle.

The Financial Reasons

As alluded to above, most people who opt for a used car do so for financial reasons. Pre-owned cars cost significantly less than new models due to depreciation. When a buyer purchases a new car, the value of the vehicle drops the moment it is taken from the lot. Some experts estimate that a new vehicle loses up to 54 percent of its value after the purchase. By purchasing a used car you can take advantage of depreciation that has already occurred.

There are a lot of other financial reasons to buy a used vehicle. First of all, you’ll end up paying less for insurance on a used vehicle. You’ll also pay less to register a used car. This adds up to a lot of additional savings over a new car purchase. If this interests you, check out the used selection at a used car dealership in Alsip.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Quality

Used cars provide great value in terms of quality and safety. Due to the favorable pricing of used cars it is possible to buy a high end model for a fair price. You might end up spending less on a luxury model than you would for a new, entry level version. In this sense, you can get more car for your money. Consider this when shopping at a used car dealership in Alsip.

If you are considering buying a used car, let Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn help. Preview the used inventory by visiting us.

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