What a Pressure Plate Does and How to Know if You Need a New One

A clutch is a very misunderstood mechanism that we all use nearly all the time. A clutch is used for more than just cars. It’s used in many mechanisms that need to be spun by a central wheel. We’re going to look at how a clutch works, focusing on the pressure plate, so you can tell if you need to find a clutch pressure plate supplier to get a new one.

How a Clutch Works

A clutch is a straightforward mechanism when you think about what it does. You have the flywheel, which is attached to the engine and is always spinning when the engine is running. If something is put against this, it will spin also. The clutch helps the car run by facilitating engagement with the flywheel. Once the clutch disk is fully engaged with the flywheel, the car starts to move. The clutch pressure plate is what applies pressure to the clutch disk to make it engage with the flywheel.

What the Clutch Pressure Plate Does

When the clutch is engaged, the pressure plate is not. Pressing the clutch relieves the pressure applied by the pressure plate to keep your car from moving. When the clutch is released, the pressure plate moves to engage the disk with the flywheel, and the car moves. It’s called a “pressure plate” because it applies pressure to make the clutch disk rub against the flywheel. Pressing the clutch in takes away the pressure.

How to Know if Your Pressure Plate is Going Bad

You will need to find clutch pressure plate suppliers if you notice certain problems with your clutch. For instance, a very common issue is rattling or shaking when you engage the clutch. This could be because the pressure plate is not applying the right pressure at the right time. A clutch pressure plate supplier can handle that problem for you, however. Also, if your car doesn’t stall out when it usually would, that could be a sign of a worn out pressure plate as well. Much of the other clutch symptoms are due to other factors and not the clutch pressure plate.

If you’re shopping through clutch pressure plate suppliers, you can check out Raybestos Powertrain. They have a vast array of high-quality parts as well as the experience and knowledge to guide you to get the right ones.

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