A Popular Truck for All Kinds of Families

Are you looking for a truck with lots of storage, power and style? Consider the Ford F-150 in Wheeling. This popular vehicle can haul a load of lumber one day and transport your family to a fun day at the beach the next. Discover why the Ford F-150 is such a beloved vehicle with so many people.

Space for Storage

The bed of the Ford F-150 has space for work materials, boxes, lumber, tools and more. The tailgate step and lift assist make loading and unloading items from the truck’s bed all the more convenient. Along with the truck bed, there is a roomy backseat in the Ford F-150 in Wheeling for extra suitcases, boxes or other items that need to be hauled. So, whatever you have to haul, the Ford F-150 can handle it!

A Comfortable Ride

Heated seats, ventilated front seats, a moon roof, rear reading lights and CD player are just a few of the features in the Ford F-150 truck that help provide a comfortable ride for both the drivers and passengers.

A Variety of Safety Features

The safety features in the Ford F-150 make it desirable for individuals, large families and everyone in-between. ABS brakes, electronic stability control, fog lights, low tire pressure warning and overhead air bag are just some of the safety features that can give peace of mind to the owners of this appealing truck.

The Ford F-150 is a large truck with all of the charm of an old-style pickup. It has modern conveniences and safety features that make it a good buy for families or anyone else who wants a quality, durable truck. If you’re interested in learning more about the Ford F-150, visit Arlington Heights Ford at AHFord.net today.

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