The Multiple Benefits of Planter Closing Wheels

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Auto Insurance

Effective equipment is the lifeblood of growing your crops. If you have good quality machinery and parts that do what they are intended to do, the germination rate and eventual success of your plants will be much greater. Planter closing wheels play an important role in the process of the successful operation of your equipment, and provide a positive influence on your financial bottom line.

Improves Seed to Soil Contact

The importance of closing the seed slot properly cannot be underestimated. High-functioning planter closing wheels will engage the soil to get the appropriate seed to soil contact. The spikes will lift and fracture the soil to create a positive environment for germination for your seeds. They also serve to spade the sidewalls of your rows to reduce compaction.  Some kits will have adjustable spring pressure to be able to adapt to different types of terrain. The parts are available in various sizes including 13 and 15 diameter wheels and can come with two spike wheels or one spike and one rubber wheel.

Closes the Trench

Rubber wheels and paddle wheels are other planting closing wheels that are a crucial part of the planting process. You can choose various kits or models depending on your soil type and typical moisture content. These rubber and paddle wheels serve to close the trench effectively to help eliminate air pockets and create a uniform and predictable growing environment. It’s an important step in helping you to increase your yield.

Warms the Soil and Accelerates Emergence

The working action of the planter closing wheels also does a great job of warming the soil and speeding up the emergence rate of your seed. An important thing to remember for this working action to function properly is to make sure to level the closing wheel arm. The arm plays a necessary role on the movement of the wheels, and it can render the equipment much less effective if it is not at the proper level. Even a distance of ten degrees can cause an impact on performance of the equipment. This will affect emergence, and will alter the contact and may even increase the air pockets in your trenches.

With good quality planter closing wheels, your seeds will have the best chance to germinate and grow. From improving seed to soil contact, to closing the trench, and warming the soil and accelerating emergence, planter closing wheels are a necessary piece of equipment for your daily planting needs.

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