Tasks Completed in Auto Tune-Up Services on Virginia Beach, VA, Vehicles

Today’s vehicles no longer need the old-fashioned tune-up that was required for engines with carburetors and distributor caps. With the advent of fuel injectors controlled by computerization, this new technology eliminates the need to have certain adjustments completed on occasion. Nevertheless, vehicle owners are still encouraged to schedule auto tune-up services in Virginia Beach, VA, to keep the engine running smoothly and efficiently. The process is simply different now.

Tasks to Be Completed

Auto tune-up services in Virginia Beach, VA, prevent problems like rough idling, the engine misfiring while on the highway, and decreased fuel efficiency. During this appointment, one task for the automotive technicians is to replace worn spark plugs. This alone can improve engine performance and gas mileage.

Automotive technicians also inspect the oxygen sensors and fuel injectors during a tune-up. The fuel injectors might need to be cleaned. The mechanics also replace the air filter if it is dirty and check the battery to evaluate how much longer it will last. It is advisable to change the fuel filter after a certain number of miles according to vehicle manufacturer recommendations.

A Tune-Up and Oil Change

Vehicle owners may want to schedule a tune-up along with routine maintenance that is normally done during a full-service oil change. The technicians drain the used oil and add new oil, change the oil filter, check and adjust tire pressure as needed, and top off any fluids that are low. All of this work can be completed by London Bridge Auto and Transmission Repair, which provides details on its services at https://www.londonbridgeautorepair.com/.

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