Signs You Should Walk Out of That Dealership Now

People always tell you to buy from a reputable Ford dealership in Knoxville TN. But what does that mean exactly? Here are a few ways to tell if you’re at a good or bad dealership.

Aggressive sales staff

If the staff are aggressive at selling you a car, then you know they haven’t got your best interests at heart. They only want to make a sale. Salespeople from a reputable Ford dealership in Knoxville TN will always help you find cars that are a good match for you. While they want to make a sale too, they are much more likely to not compromise your needs just to make a sale.

Poor inventory

If the quality of the inventory is poor, then that’s a definite red flag, the U.S. News says. If the cars look too old or if they look like they’ve been on the road for too long, then they may have a ton of problems as well. If you don’t want to go home with a lemon, then avoid these dealerships like the plague.

Lack of options

Sometimes, though, it’s not the poor quality of the inventory but the lack of options that get in the way of the buying process. If the dealership just doesn’t have the model you need, wait it out or check out other options.

Bad reviews

A bad review or two aren’t conclusive enough to base your buying decision on. But if there are too many negative reviews, then that’s something else entirely. Save yourself from the potential trouble and stress by going to a different dealer.

Uncooperative about the inspection

A dealer that hasn’t got anything to hide isn’t going to give you grief about inspecting the car. If the dealer balks, then you may not be seeing the whole picture. Walk away.

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