Reasons to Buy a Vehicle With All-Wheel Drive in Scottsdale, AZ

by | Jan 4, 2019 | Automotive

When readers are getting ready to buy new vehicles, they often spend a good deal of time thinking about things like how much interior space they’ll need and what kind of active safety features different types of cars and trucks have. What not everyone thinks about is the drivetrain. This is a mistake, given two-wheel drive (2WD) vehicles actually differ substantially from all-wheel drive (AWD) trucks and cars.

If readers have already figured out what kind of vehicles they want to buy and what features they’re looking for, they should at least take a moment to consider the benefits of purchasing a car or truck with all wheel drive in Scottsdale AZ. Read on to find out about just a few of them to get started.


There are many natural wonders right outside of Scottsdale, but these will all but completely inaccessible to drivers who don’t have AWD vehicles. Although not all AWD vehicles are designed for off-roading, just about every truck, Jeep, or crossover that is designed to be driven on rough terrain will come with this type of drivetrain. Don’t underestimate its importance.

Traction and Towing

Not everyone enjoys heading out into the desert and canyons to go off-roading, but there are plenty of other reasons to consider buying a vehicle with all wheel drive in Scottsdale AZ. Improved traction and towing are helpful features even for those who plan on sticking exclusively to the highways. Readers who tow RVs, boats, or trailers regularly should only buy trucks that feature AWD regardless of where they plan on taking them.

Better Resale Value

While it’s true that vehicles equipped with AWD tend to be a bit more expensive than their 2WD counterparts, drivers will recoup much of this price difference when they go to trade in their trucks and cars. Purchasing an AWD vehicle can thus be seen as a better investment than buying a 2WD car.

What to Do When Something Goes Wrong

Concerned that it will be more difficult to find a mechanic who can work on an AWD vehicle? Don’t be. The skilled mechanics at Dyno-Comp have years of experience working with a wide variety of makes, models, and drivetrains and can handle just about any AWD problem that could come up.

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