Say Goodbye to Snow Around Your Pittsburgh, PA Home via Snow Equipment

Are you tired of the snow all around your Pittsburgh home? That is not an uncommon feeling this time of year. You are so ready to be done with snow, and when one more storm hits, you have had enough. Thankfully, there are dealerships that will sell you snow removal equipment in Pittsburgh, PA. Here are some options for getting rid of all that snow around your home and property.

V-Plow Attachments

V-plow attachments attach to the front of any pickup truck. If you do not have a pickup, you can rent, borrow, or buy one and attach this plow. It attaches and removes rather easily, and removes a ton of snow in just minutes.

Pull Plow Attachments

Rather than pushing snow, you can pull it. This works best when you are trying to remove a ton of snow from a buried building, and the usual plow would cause damage with pushing snow up against it. Removing the snow by pulling it away exposes the building, and makes it easier to dig out the rest with a snow blower or shovel.


These are salt hoppers and hopper covers you can attach to the back of a truck. As you plow from the front, the salter in the back assists in melting compacted snow and ice from behind. It is a nice addition to the rest of your snow removal equipment in Pittsburgh for winters. When you are ready to buy the best in snow removal equipment, contact Smouse Trailers and Snow Equipment.

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