How to Ensure Auto Batteries Are Ready for Use

No matter how advanced your car might be, if it uses an internal combustion engine, it needs a battery to crank that engine. Once running, the alternator takes over, providing all the electricity needed to run the engine, as well as to supply your radio, speakers, navigation system and the like. However, auto batteries have a limited lifespan, and they can die with little to no warning. Below, we’ll go over a few crucial tips for ensuring that auto batteries are ready to go when you are.

1. Know the Date

All auto batteries have a manufacture/installation date on them. For OEM batteries, this is usually in the form of a sticker. Aftermarket batteries might have a date sticker, but it’s also common to have a punch system that indicates when the battery was installed. Make sure you know the date the battery was installed, and the overall estimated lifespan of the battery, which should be noted somewhere on the battery’s body, or in the warranty information provided to you at purchase.

2. Test Your Charging System Regularly

In order to avoid being stranded with a dead battery, it’s important to have your charging system checked regularly. This is available at no cost at most mechanic shops and even auto parts stores. The check does more than just verify a charge in auto batteries, though, and can help save you time, hassle and stress. When performed properly, a charging system test will check the capacity of your battery, the output of your alternator, and even the functionality of your starter. It’s recommended that you have your charging system checked at least twice per year.

3. Have a Charger Available

If your car goes for some time without running, the charge in the battery can be depleted. This is particularly true if you remove the battery while your car is not in use, and store it on a concrete floor. In this situation, having a trickle charger and a battery tester will allow you to check the level of charge in the battery, and charge it if necessary before reinstalling it in your car.

Of course, there are times when you’ll need to replace your battery – all auto batteries have a limited lifespan, as mentioned. When that happens, contact Motor City Battery Company. We carry new and reconditioned batteries for all makes and models, and offer free installation. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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