Your Kid’s First Car: a Guide for Shopping for a Used Car in Queens

by | Oct 31, 2012 | Used car

If you are a parent thinking about buying a used car for your kid, you’re probably a bit terrified. We all know by now that automobiles are one of the most likely ways to get injured or killed in the United States, right up there with smoking, but at the same time it seems like everyone drives around and is find most of the time. The best thing you can do is invest in a used car that will offer the most safety you can give your kid. After that, you’ll have to rely on the job you did raising them.

Going Fast is Obvious

One thing your teenager is likely to want to do is drive too fast. It’s almost in their nature, perhaps their feet are heavier. The last thing you want to do is buy a used car that will not feel like it’s going fast. One reason why people drive so fast when they get into a BMW or a Mercedes Benz is that the car is insulated so well you don’t even feel like you’re going fast. This false sense of security is the last thing you want your kid to feel.

Limit Distractions

Fortunately, you’re not allowed to talk on the phone or text while you’re driving in New York – something that is a proven cause of many, many accidents every day. But there are other things that distract and impair the ability of a driver to avoid accidents. Talking to friends in the car happens to be one of them. Using the stereo or messing with their belongings can also be a big distraction. Buying a used car that limits these things can reduce the chance of an accident.

Final Answer

So what does this lead us to? You want a car with a good safety record that feels like it’s going fast when it’s actually going the speed limit and that limits distractions, like other passengers. While a bicycle would still be safer, it turns out that a small pick-up truck fits all of these requirements. Most two-seater used cars are small and compact in unsafe ways, giving them less of a view and making them the ones to take most of the damage in an accident with a larger vehicle. so a truck, with it’s high chassis and tendency to rattle a bit, is your best bet.

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