Questions To Ask When Buying a Used Dodge in Chicago

by | Nov 1, 2012 | Automotive

There are a number of important question that need to be answered before you buy a used Dodge in Chicago. Some of these questions are straight forward and can actually be asked and answered when you first connect with the seller, they can be answered over the phone or via e-mail. There are other questions that can only be asked when you are looking at the used Dodge in Chicago. If you don’t ask these questions you may find yourself with a problem car.

These three questions can be asked before you see the used Dodge in Chicago;

How many miles are on it? With this information you can use the internet to help you value the used Dodge in Chicago. Sites like Kelley and Edmunds are ideal places to start.

Why is the car being sold? If you hear answers such as the following it will work to your advantage.

* “I bought a new car” – this is good because the seller wants to sell his used Dodge in Chicago quickly.

* “It was my Dad’s” – few people will want to keep a car in this situation, they want to sell it quickly.

* “It’s a gas hog” – there are honest people, take advantage of the situation.

* “It was my sons car and he went in the service” – There is no urgency to selling so expect the seller to stick with his asking price.

Can you describe the condition of the used Dodge in Chicago? There will be three possibilities that are appealing.

* Excellent – this answer will be given for one of two reasons, either the used Dodge in Chicago is in excellent shape or the seller is dishonest. If its reason two, walk away.

* Good – for the same reason as above, an honest seller will not hype the cars condition as he knows eventually you will see it.

* Fair – this could indicate that the person is ready to deal on price because he is unaware of the value.

The next few questions are best asked when you are actually looking at the used Dodge in Chicago.

Who was the car bought from? The answer you want is the original owner. This can be confirmed with a CarFax report.

Where was the car bought? The answer can tell you a lot about the weather conditions the used Dodge in Chicago has been subjected too, if the answer is Illinois it can mean salt on the winter roads.

What weight oil do you use? If there is an immediate answer then you know the car has been well maintained, if the seller doesn’t know, have the engine checked thoroughly.

What price are you willing to take? This lets the seller know you have no intention of paying what he is asking for his used Dodge in Chicago.

By asking these questions you will get a good idea of the cars condition. If you don’t want to worry about the condition, buy your used Dodge in Chicago from Hawk Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep in Chicago.

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