Lexus; Beautiful, Tough and Easy to Fix

by | Aug 19, 2013 | Automotive

Whether inline 4 cylinder; V6 or V8; Lexus engines are tough. If you have close to $400,000 lying around you can even get your hands on the Lexus LFA with a monster V10 under the hood.

Any Lexus is an expensive proposition, they are expensive because they are great cars, precision built to last for years, and they do. If you think buying a new Lexus is expensive in the US, you should try Japan, not only is the car worth a lot more money, the entire process of car ownership is almost ridiculous. Everything is more expensive in Japan; gasoline, tolls, repair costs and insurance are at least four times as expensive as they are here. Even before you can buy a car you must procure a permit that proves you have a place to park it, the average cost is about $500 a month, just to park!

As well as costing a small fortune to operate, there are no aftermarket parts available; everything in a Japanese car from the day it is purchased to the day it is disposed of is factory parts.

It is little reason why Japanese car owners tend to use their cars only on the weekend, when you factor everything in, it is about $150 a day to use a private car. Fortunately for the Japanese they have a very well developed public transport system that can get people from where they are to where they want to be quickly and with little hassle, other than at rush hour when the trains are absolutely packed tight.

Now that you have been to a Lexus engines dealer and bought this beautiful machine, you are faced with more problems than just the daily costs noted earlier. Every car in Japan, brand new or not, it does not matter must go through a very stringent test twice a year. To fully comply with these tests the total cost may  easily equal the original purchase price of the vehicle after three or four years, even a car with a small dent is considered to be an unsafe vehicle in Japan. As a result of all this, cars are not kept long, rarely will you see a car on the roads and streets of Japan that is older than five years, perhaps six years  and then they are disposed of as scrap.

The net result of all of this is a lot of low mileage cars that cannot be driven, so what to do? Many of the less expensive cars are exported to emerging nations that do not have an indigenous automotive industry. Those vehicles which cannot be exported as a complete unit and the more costly cars are stripped and the parts are exported to countries where there is a large population of the vehicles and they are allowed to be used as long as the owner desires.

In the US, even the best looked after Lexus or other high-end car can suffer an engine failure. When this happens there are a few options that the owner can consider; repair it, buy a brand new engine or buy a used engine which was imported from Japan. The best option is to buy a low mileage Lexus motor imported from Japan.


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