Choosing The Best Body Location for the Variety of Tattoo Designs we Offer

by | Jul 28, 2015 | Tattoo Shop

Sometimes the hardest decision to make when getting a tattoo is where it should be located on the body. This decision can affect everything from job prospects to how painful the process will be. Since the artwork itself can be the deciding factor, choosing a design first is a sensible choice. Once that part is out of the way, here are a few points for people to consider about where it should go.

When to Choose a Hidden Location

It may be culturally popular, but tattoos are still banned in many corporate settings. To avoid losing out on a great opportunity, anyone in a more traditional career field like banking or customer service may wish to keep their designs hidden away.

Reducing the Level of Pain

When pain is the biggest concern, tattoos should be applied to outer shoulders, wrists and upper backs. Thighs, necks and hips are also areas where pain is not as noticeable. If the desire is to just avoid the most painful options, then stay away from anywhere where the bones are close to the skin. This includes hands, feet and elbows. Despite the fact that many seem fleshy and less likely to hurt, the spot behind the knees is especially sensitive as well.

Avoid Easily Infected Areas

Places on the body that are easily infected are those that are exposed to excessive rubbing and are in a less-sterile environment. For example, feet are often sweaty, germy spots. Hands are exposed to numerous bacteria every day and hips are rubbed against by clothing relentlessly. Of course, this concern will only last for a couple of weeks until the area has healed.

Stretching and Fading

Any tattoo can stretch is=f weight is gained after it is applied. A good idea is to choose an area that does not gain size easily like an ankle or the back. Fading happens when skin art is exposed to the sun. Applying sunblock over tattoos may reduce this risk.

The Variety of tattoo designs we have are able to be adjusted to look perfect no matter where the wearer wants them applied. At Da Vinci Tattoo, the work is always professional and safe. Every artist in the shop is a trained professional dedicated to giving each client exactly what they want. Check the website to see examples of the quality and Variety of tattoo designs we offer.

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