3 Car Features that Every Man Loves in a Chevy

by | Jul 28, 2015 | Automotive

When looking for a car, many men tend to look for the same kind of features. These features sometimes differ from the ones women look for in a vehicle, but for men, these features make their car something they love to drive. While women tend to be more attracted to cars with practicality and versatility, men look for sleekness, power, and speed. To go along with these things are the features that make it possible.

Four-Wheel Drive

Four-wheel drive is an option that SUVs have that helps drivers cover all terrains without issue. If you are the type of person who likes to go off-roading or tends to live in an area where water and snow make it harder to navigate the roads, then four-wheel drive is for you. Even when you are not in inclement weather or on unusual terrain, four-wheel drive is a nice feature to have.

Four wheel drive works by dividing torque evenly between all four tires, instead of two like most vehicles. This gives a driver more stability on the road and it even makes it less likely for wheels to slip or hydroplane on water or ice. This makes it the best kind of vehicles to go out in any weather besides sunshine.

Navigation System

A navigation system is a great feature that many new models already have built into the dashboard. A hands-free navigation system makes it easy for a driver to get where they are going without having to worry about following a map. Newer models are making navigation systems even easier to use know with programmable destinations and an easier search function for places in the area. Having a built in navigation system is also better than handheld systems because it you do not have to worry about securing it in a place where it will not be stolen.

Sporty Design

Unlike women, who tend to go for more practical or fun designs, men are drawn towards sporty designs. Even if the vehicle itself is not considered a sports car, having the same curves and features as one is still a go-to. Features of sports cars that men like are usually things like the amount of horsepower, type of engine, and handling capabilities. Not all men are into sporty designs, which is why American-made rugged vehicles are also popular. This usually means cars like pickup trucks, which are great for people who want their vehicle to help them get stuff done. Chevy is known for their sporty body styles.

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