Certified Green Auto Service in New Haven, CT

Once a person finds a good mechanic, they tend to stick with the same shop. A trust is developed when the customer realizes that their car is being worked on by knowledgeable professionals at a reasonable price. It seems that most products and services that claim to be environmentally-friendly come with a higher price tag. It’s impressive to find an eco-friendly auto shop that has the same price structure as any regular shop in the industry. For auto service in New Haven, Dave McDermott Chevrolet has all the bases covered with a green twist. There’s a lot of confusion about what it actually means to be green. Basically, it translates to reducing wasteful practices in a creative manner and being mindful of how much energy is used in the process.

Dave McDermott Chevrolet is certified by Arizona Green Shops. This is an acknowledgment that certain facilities have gone above and beyond the normal responsibilities of waste reduction and management. Federal law mandates that all auto shops adhere to a set of standards for conserving resources. A shop that has received the AGS stamp of approval is assessed on all levels, from the front office to recycling used fluids. Going to another service center that doesn’t share this commitment to keeping our world in decent condition for the next generation is wasteful in itself. Socially conscious auto service in New Haven is available at Dave McDermott Chevrolet with their team of automotive experts.

Despite the name, Dave McDermott Chevrolet is more than just a brake service shop. They are a complete car care center with twelve locations in the Tucson area. It’s not hard to see why people keep coming back with the amazing deals and coupons available. They practice conservation in all processes. This includes making sure the electricity system is efficient, as well as recycling and proper maintenance of the building and pipes. Being wasteful doesn’t just come from old parts and oil going to waste. A leaky water pipe contributes to wasting water around the clock when the shop is only open for half that time. Visit their website today to see what is offered for auto service in New Haven and save.

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