Why Trailer Hubs in Minneapolis MN Are Important

Trailer hubs are what comes between the wheel and the axle. They are what ensures these two parts work and function correctly. Studs attach the tires directly to the Trailer Hubs in Minneapolis MN. The hubs then fit onto the axle. The axle is what makes the entire tire assemble to the trailer itself. Since the hub of the wheel connects the tire to the vehicle, if one thing breaks down, it creates what could be called a domino effect. This may result in such things as a broken axle or severe impairment of steering.

What’s Inside?

The hub is not just one whole piece. It is made up of several pieces which all work together in harmony. The wheel hub is shaped much like a donut. It slides directly onto the axle. Each side of the hub features bearings, which must be kept sufficiently greased to work smoothly. The bearings are shaped like a cylinder and the grease reduces the friction they endure when the tires spin. All of these parts are held in place by a castle nut. A piece of metal resembling a stick, called a cotter pin, holds the castle nut in place. On the outside of all of this is a dust cap. This part keeps all of the dust and other impurities out of the grease packed into the bearings.

Replacing The Hub

When the removal of the Trailer Hubs in Minneapolis MN is necessary, it can easily be done by oneself. There is no need to pay a mechanic to do it. Grab a wrench and remove the castle nut. Set the nut to the side. Then simply slide the hub assembly off of the axle. It is really that simple. If the entire hub assembly needs replacing, most modern hubs also come in pre-built kits so the hub can be slid directly onto the axle with no muss and no fuss.

If one is in the market for a replacement trailer hub, the kits can be purchased online at such places as Pioneerwheel.com. Just check with the customer service team to ensure that the hub being purchased is the correct fit for the model of the trailer.

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