Why Do Some Tinted Windows Look Purple?

If you see window tinting on a car start to turn purple, it is the beginning of the end. When the window tinting starts to turn purple, the it means that the sun has faded out all the yellow dye from the glass tinting product. Glass tinting products contain yellow, red, and blue colors but the paler yellow is the first to fade in the hot sun. Not all glass tinting services use the same kinds of tinting material. Newer materials and better quality materials do not turn purple because they do not work on the same principle of colored dyes. Products made by reputable glass tinting manufacturers like 3M are designed to withstand fading, rejecting the impact of light and heat for a long lasting window. Even less expensive dyed films withstand the purpling that mars the appearance of poor quality window tinting.

Companies like 3M specialize in fade-free window tinting, and glass tinting services like Advanced Window Tinting install these products to ensure long lasting protection. The tinting materials that fade are not only more costly in the long run because of the need for frequent replacements; they also do not protect drivers and passengers from ultraviolet light. Good quality window tinting material protects drivers and passengers from ultraviolet light, and keeps the car cool and attractive. The most advanced materials including nanoparticles are used to ensure lifelong tinting that does not fade to purple. Instead, a long lasting window tinting product will repel heat and light, withstand crinkling and fading, and also enhance the overall appearance of the car. When tinted windows start to purple, it is the first sign that they are fading and no longer protecting you or your car. The best option is to consider refinishing the tinting with a new generation material that will last a long time.

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