Why a Used Subaru Outback Makes a Great Family Car in Frankfort, IL

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Automotive

Are you looking for a new family car? If you’re struggling to find a safe, reliable vehicle that fits your budget, consider saving money by choosing a used model. Buying used lets someone else cover the depreciation cost, and there is no better choice for a used vehicle than the Subaru Outback. Here are three reasons to make your next family car a used Subaru Outback in Frankfort.

Advanced Safety Features

There’s nothing more important in a family car than safety, and the Subaru Outback delivers. Even models that are several years old have advanced safety features that other manufacturers haven’t caught up to with their current models.

Superior Fuel Economy

SUVs are gas guzzlers, right? Not with the Subaru Outback. When equipped with the standard four-cylinder engine, the Subaru Outback delivers fuel economy comparable to mid-sized sedans, so you don’t have to spend more on fuel to haul around your family and all their gear.

Great Investment

If you want a vehicle that won’t lose its value right away, a used Subaru Outback in Frankfort is a great choice. Thanks to their reputation for quality, Subaru vehicles maintain a strong resale value. To know more please visit Hawk Subaru today.

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