What to Look For in a Used Vehicle

A new vehicle may not be your best choice for several reasons. Financially, a used car is going to be purchased at a lower price, compared to a similar new car. Many used cars are still in great shape, with low mileage, and well maintained. To make sure you are getting the great deal that it seems on your used car, you want to make sure the book value is comparable, previous maintained has been completed, and that it has not been in any bad accidents or other damaging events.

Book Value

While many things impact the cost of a car, making sure that the dealer is offering close to book value is important. There are some cases where deviation from the book value occurs, but the offer should be close to documented value for that car. You can look up book values on line, and some tools can also help you adjust for mileage. Being knowledgeable about what you are purchasing is going to give you greater negotiation power, and keep you from being taken advantage of.

Previous Maintenance

It is important that your used car be well maintained. Regular oil changes and filter changes are going to make sure that the engine is taken care of. Improper maintenance can cause undue wear and tear on an engine, and that can lead you to dealing with engine problems prematurely. People who neglect on maintenance are also going to be harder on their cars in general, so keep that in the back of your mind as well.

Accident History

Accidents involving high speeds or roll overs can greatly damage a vehicle. In some cases, although all the body work has been correct, there is still the potential for structural damage that has gone undetected. Used car dealers in Bedford Park may be able to assist you in finding out the history of the car prior to purchase. This is important information, and should be taken into consideration when purchasing a used car.

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