What to Look for in a Used Car Dealership – Imports Only

by | May 29, 2023 | Car Dealer

Buying a used vehicle can be comparable to a throw of the dice. It is a risk, a gamble. This can increase if the car in question is an import. You can reduce the risk significantly if you work through a used car dealership that handles imports.

Lower the Risk

When looking at a used car dealership that only handles imports, it is crucial to research both the product and the dealership. Look at such important factors as:

  • Reputation: Examine the online reviews. Check it out with the Better Business Bureau. Talk to former clients whenever possible.
  • Inventory: Be sure to know the extent of the inventory. Know the vehicles they have in stock. What are their ages, models, types and conditions? Where do they come from – buybacks, auctions, the manufacturer?
  • Used Options: Does the dealership have certified pre-owned vehicles on its lot as well as used ones?
  • Licensing: Does the dealership have the proper licensing?
  • Guarantees/Warranties: What types of guarantees does the dealership offer?
  • Finances: Does the dealership offer financing? Does it arrange it through a third party?

Buying an Import through a Used Car Dealership

Purchasing any vehicle can be challenging. Buying a used import can complicate matters. It does not always need to be so. If you deal with a qualified, licensed, reputable import dealership, you can reduce the risk. Be careful to research both the dealership in Philadelphia and the model of interest before you proceed. This will help you avoid the worst scenario possible – an expensive lemon.

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