Volvo is a Truly Sophisticated Import

Volvo produces passenger vehicles that are luxurious, durable and stylish. This Swedish motor company takes pride in manufacturing some of the most sophisticated automobiles in the world. When visiting a Volvo dealership in Rockford, customers will find a large selection of premium sedans, crossover SUVs and station wagons.

Most Volvo models run on turbocharged engines that deliver much more horsepower and torque than traditional engines with natural aspiration. Some of the most expensive trims are powered by supercharged systems that generate class-leading output. Featuring multiple drive modes and other dynamic features, the automatic transmission systems in Volvo cars are optimized for sporty performance. Whether you’re driving a sedan or crossover SUV, you’ll enjoy maximum traction thanks to advanced all-wheel drive (AWD) systems that are linked to computerized modules.

If you’re looking for a Volvo model that’s designed for families, check out the XC series. The XC40 and XC60 are loaded with premium amenities that are priced at competitive rates. Featuring three rows of seats, the XC90 is a lavish vehicle that’s perfect for large families. Volvo’s sedan lineup includes the S60 and S90 editions, which are equipped with the latest digital technology and comfortable amenities. Having a unique body that combines a traditional station wagon with a crossover SUV, the V60 and V90 truly stand out on the road. Striking a low stance with a robust profile, these athletic cars are ready to take families on exciting road trips. Of course, all Volvo cars are available with GPS navigation systems with touch screens. Live traffic feeds and other high-tech applications supplement the navigation platform, which also supports Wi-Fi and smartphone integration.

As a premier Volvo dealership in Rockford, McGrath Volvo offers a large selection of used and models for buyers with different budgets and other unique demands for a modern lifestyle. Visit us at for more details.

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