Transmission Issues in Surprise

When it comes to problems with your vehicle, the most common reason for a failure is improper maintenance, and this is especially true with your transmission. Maintaining your vehicle will help you avoid premature costly repair bills and keep your family safe on the road. Improper maintenance can shorten the life of your transmission and increase your chance a visiting a mechanic in the near future. Keep reading to learn more.

Check Your Fluid

To lubricate the internal parts in your transmission, there must be enough transmission fluid available to properly coat the moving parts. In addition to lubrication, transmission fluid provides cooling relief from the heat it generated by friction and moving parts inside the transmission. You want to periodically check the color and smell of the fluid. If your fluid is dirty, that can reduce the efficiency of your transmission and in-time, cause unnecessary wear and tear on the internal components. If you need help or want an experts opinion on your vehicles transmission fluid, visit a local transmission repair shop like Champs Family Automotive in Surprise, AZ or Goodyear, AZ.

Avoiding Problems

Your transmission will not go from perfectly fine in one moment to broken down overnight. Typically, there are signs that your transmission might be failing. You could hear grinding noise when you change gears, it could pop out of gear unexpectedly, or it could take longer to respond when you put it in gear. If you experience any of these problems or are in need of Transmission maintenance or repairs the best bet would be checking with someone knowledgeable in transmission repair like Champs Family Automotive.

To learn more about transmission repair in Surprise, AZ or Goodyear, AZ, speak with the team at Champs Family Automotive. Learn more about them by visiting their website at

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