Trailer Transmission Repair in Westchester, PA – Common Issues

Truck owners have to be very careful when driving, especially when they are also towing a trailer. They have to make sure that the truck and trailer remain in the best possible condition in order to avoid any sort of unnecessary issues. There are plenty of things that can go wrong with a conventional truck and trailer setup. In case the vehicle doesn’t drive properly, it can lead to a serious accident on the road if the transmission isn’t working properly. There are several companies that currently offer trailer transmission repair in Westchester, PA. Here are some of the most common issues that you might encounter with the transmission of your truck or trailer.

Gear Sticking

One of the many issues that you might encounter with the transmission of the truck is if the gear begins to stick. Gear sticking can lead to a serious accident on the road. If the gear sticks regularly, you should take it for trailer transmission repair right away. Local workshops like will evaluate the transmission completely and then work on it thoroughly to repair the damage.

Leaking Fluids

Another very common issue that most truck drivers encounter with their transmission is when the transmission fluids begin to leak. Trailer transmission repair involves removing all of the pipes connected with the transmission and then checking for the leakage. The transmission fluid is primarily used for lubrication purposes. It allows the transmission to perform smoothly and ensures that it doesn’t stick.

There are plenty of other issues that might arise in larger trucks. Usually, it’s best if you take the truck or trailer for regular inspections to ensure that potential issues are identified and resolved in their early stages, before they lead to a serious problem and leave you stranded on the road altogether.

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