Tips for Replacing Auto Glass in Newport News, VA

by | May 24, 2018 | Automotive

Replacing the glass of your vehicle is not a simple job and it’s essential to have it done correctly. Modern vehicles are fixed with specialized, tempered glass that is much thicker to prevent cracking and damage. If your car was in a serious accident that damaged glass from the windows or windshield, you will need to get it replaced immediately. Most garages don’t even deal in auto glass, so you will need to take your car to a specialist shop that only deals in auto glass repairs and replacements. Here are a few tips to help you get your windshield or window glass replaced.

Know About the Differences in Quality

First of all, you should know that car windshields and other auto glasses are available at several different price points. You should know about the differences in quality before you buy a windshield or replacement window glasses. You can visit a reputable store such as Bruce’s Super Body Shops if you want to buy replacement glass for your car at affordable prices. The company will give you a detailed estimate for your vehicle and will also explain the differences in quality of several materials.


You should make sure that the glass is only installed by a reputable professional so that it fits absolutely securely in place. If you want to get replacement auto glass in Newport News, VA, it’s highly recommended that you get these repairs from a company that only deals in such services. A special silicone based glue will be applied around the sides of the windshield to prevent air from escaping around the sides. If the windshield is not installed in a professional manner, it will soon start leaking, and that could cause a myriad of other problems. Click here to know the tips for replacing auto glass in Newport News, VA.

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