Tips For Finding San Antonio TX Used Cars With Bad Credit

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Automotive

Your score says a lot about you to lenders, employers and the like. However, most people in San Antonio TX become worried that they won’t be able to get used cars because they have bad credit. While it may be slightly harder to find them, you can still find loans and lending options, even if you don’t have a cosigner.


The first step is to determine which lenders are willing and able to lend money for used cars with bad credit in San Antonio TX. All institutions will not handle poor scores and may turn you down for a loan. Once you’ve found a few options to work with, you can start determining what their interest rates are. While you want to find the lowest rates available, be warned that you are likely to have higher interest rates than those with better scores.

Likewise, some lenders charge more fees on top of the higher interest rates, so make sure you get as much information up front.


When you start applying for loans, you should have all the information ready to go and submit multiple applications within a 14 to 45 day time period. In many cases, all those applications will be submitted under one inquiry instead of multiple ones that can lower the score further.

Once you apply, the lender may be able to preapprove you for a particular amount, meaning you’ve practically got the loan. Then, you can take the letter of approval to the dealership and start searching for vehicles that fit your needs and budget.

San Antonio TX used cars with bad credit is possible if you follow a few tips and use a good lender. Visit The KEY now to get preapproved and start searching for vehicles. Go to for detailed information.

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