Three Important Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Tire Stores in Richmond VA

Tires are an integral component of any vehicle. They transmit power to steer, propel and brake on the road. Tires also help to support the weight of the vehicle and reduce impact from the road. It is important to replace tires after a considerable period, to ensure a safe and smooth driving. To buy quality tires at an affordable price, it is essential to choose a well-established tire store, such as Leete Tire & Auto Center Inc. Established tire suppliers stock a wide range of quality tires from major manufacturers. Aside from selling tires, these professionals also provide tire installation and wheel alignment services. Here are three tips on how to get the most out of Tire Stores in Richmond VA.

Tip 1: Know the different types of tires

Most tires stores stock various types of tires from top manufacturers. Different tires have varying features and functionality. Tires are divided into four major categories: Touring tires, performance tires, winter tires and all-season tires. Touring tires are designed for a quiet and comfortable ride. Performance tires are designed for superior handling and speed. Winter tires are designed to remain pliable when driving on snowy and icy roads. All-season tires can be used in all driving conditions.

Tip 2: Determine what tire and speed rating is needed

Before buying tires, know what tire loading and speed ratings are recommended. The speed rating is the maximum speed a tire can handle when inflated properly. Load rating is the maximum weight the tire can endure when inflated correctly.

Tip 3: Determine what tire size is required

There are three important dimensions to consider when choosing the size of a tire: width, aspect ratio, and tire diameter. Tire width is the part of the tire that makes contact with roads. Tires with a wide width have a better grip but negatively affect gas mileage. Tire aspect ratio is the height of the sidewall in relation to the tire width. Tire diameter refers to the diameter of the wheels of the car.

With these tips in mind, it will be certainly easy to choose the right tires at established Tire Stores in Richmond VA. For additional details about tires, and how to contact a reputable tire supplier, please visit here.

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