The Three Most Common Types of Vehicle Dents

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Automotive

As much as people try to maintain their cars, dents and dings are still fairly common. While most dents only cause cosmetic damage, they’re typically easier to repair when they first appear. Here are a few different types of dents and what you can do to repair them.

Small Dings

The most common type of dent is small dings, which occur when light impact indents part of your car’s exterior. You know, the kind when somebody parks next to you and opens their door into your car – or lets their shopping cart roll sweet and gently into the side of your car. Fortunately, many of these dings don’t cause paint damage, and specialized tools can often pop the car’s body back into shape. If scratching occurs, however, you might need some paint work as well when looking for dent repair in Denver.

Creased Dents

Creased dents commonly occur when the side of a car brushed against an object while in motion. Paint damage is common with creased dents, so make sure you look for paint experts when looking for Denver dent repair. These types of dents can grow over time and cause further dents, so they’re less expensive to fix early on.

Round Dents

When a baseball or other hard object impacts part of a car, it often creates a round dent. These dents can be deep, but they can often be fixed with specialized tools. Paint damage can occur, but it’s less frequent than with creased dents. It’s not always possible to achieve a completely smooth look with these dents, so when looking for dent repair in Denver, find out how much the extra body work would cost.

While dents rarely cause structural issues, they can detract from the look of your vehicle. Fortunately, many types of dents are fairly easy to repair, and dent repair experts can have your car looking as good as it did before it was damaged.

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