The Benefits Of A Diesel Engine Automobile

by | Oct 14, 2015 | Auto Insurance

The Volkswagen TDI diesel Passat has a great reputation for fuel economy, performance and low environmental impact. The reason is actually quite simple, more energy is converted into work and less energy is converted into useless heat, the result is the diesel engine is more fuel efficient in a similar size car in terms of MPG.

Of course there are dyed in the wool advocates for both diesel and gasoline powered engines and the debate rages on to this day. The truth is, both types of engines have evolved, new technology has been employed which helps the engine achieve its maximum potential and efficiency; let’s look at how they compare:

Gasoline powered cars have been the favorite of American motorists for years and although more and more buyers are beginning to see the value of diesel, gasoline is still the favorite and probably will be for some years to come. Many vehicle manufacturers in the US, including those that are foreign owned have introduced diesel engines that attain better performance without the need for using hybrid technology, one such vehicle is the TDI diesel Passat.

Mileage: Vehicle owners who put a great number of highway miles on their car will be impressed with the higher mileage that is attainable with a diesel engine. Under highway driving conditions a diesel is considerably more efficient than a gasoline powered engine, like noted earlier, diesel fuel simply packs more energy than gasoline. Compared to gasoline, a gallon of diesel fuel has 30 percent more energy; this means that it is more economical. Although the gap may narrow in city driving, diesel still gives better mileage. Because a diesel engine develops more torque than a similar size gasoline engine you can feel the difference in the greater rate of acceleration.

Performance: In the US and Canada diesel powered engines must operate on low sulfur content fuel, this fuel actually out performs gasoline powered engines.

Economy: Today there is little if any difference in price between diesel and gasoline at the pump. Of course, both diesel and gasoline go up and down but the differences are not as defined as they were as little as six months ago. Since diesel gets considerably better mileage than gasoline, over the life of the vehicle the marginal difference in vehicle price, perhaps $1,000 or a little more will rapidly be amortized.

Today, a TDI diesel Passat runs clean and quiet and performs better than a similar size vehicle equipped with a gasoline engine.

If you are considering a new car you should consider a new TDI diesel Passat. A modern diesel engine gives excellent performance and high mileage. You are invited to test drive a new TDI diesel Passat today at Business name.

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