Signs You Need Car Brakes Repair in Bellbrook, OH

When you get behind the wheel, you know exactly how your car should normally run and sound, especially if you use it often. For that reason, you should be able to catch a serious problem with your car fairly early. However, this is not always the case. Many serious car problems could happen without any warning whatsoever.

In regard to your brakes, there is usually is a warning since your brakes are designed to cause an issue long before you find yourself in a costly situation. Car brakes repair is also highly cost-effective, depending on the type of repair, and it could very well save your life on the road. Not repairing a worn out brake pad could lead to a failure while driving, and you never want to find yourself behind the wheel of a car that will not stop.

Brake Pads

Car brakes repair in Bellbrook, OH is most commonly done on your brake pads, which need to be replaced fairly often. If you fear that your pads are thinner than they should be, you could look between the spokes of your wheel to see the metal rotor located inside. If you notice your pad is less than one-quarter of an inch thick or if you hear squealing when you press on your brake pedal, you might need Bellbrook, OH car brakes repair.


In addition to the squealing associated with the need for car brakes repair, you could begin to hear a grinding noise. Such a noise is a strong indication that your brake pads are completely gone and the metal of your calipers is grinding hard against the metal of the car’s rotors. Not only will this reduce the stopping power of your car, but it could damage your rotor, which would be costly to replace.

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