Safety Features of Driver Assistance Systems in St. Augustine

When it comes to driver assistance systems in St. Augustine, choosing one can become quite confusing. There are different kinds with different acronyms, and they come with different safety features included. Deciding what type of safety features you most want in your driver assistance system can help you choose the right one for you. Read on below for a few of the safety features to be explained.

Blind Spot Monitoring
Blind spot monitoring is something that is becoming available in everything from luxury cars to fleets of trucks and has saved many from being injured or worse when it comes to accidents when changing lanes on the interstate and not seeing the car beside you because of that blind spot. These are often found in most driver assistance systems in St. Augustine and makes the system well-worth the money you will spend.

Lane Departure Warning
The lane departure warning that is available in many driver assistance systems is to help motorists realize when they are drifting too far out of the yellow and white lines on the road. Cameras are used to watch those lines and they will chime to let you know that you are drifting. Head on collisions have been avoided by having the lane departure warning activated in a system.

Adaptive Headlights
It has been found that adaptive headlights are one of the best safety features to be put on many modern cars and are often included in the driver assistant systems that are in the newer cars today. The reason being that they increase the visibility in dark areas, making it easier to see and avoid accidents.

For more information on driver assistance systems in St. Augustine area and the features they offer, contact the professionals at One-Stop Calibration for help.

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