Reasons For Getting A Tune Up In Oak Park

by | Aug 28, 2013 | Automotive

Every car needs a little TLC now and then. Most of us however, neglect to take this into consideration. We run our vehicles ragged, driving to work and back home each day. We take our kids to school, or run errands in our vehicles, barely taking into account how much wear and tear this puts on the vehicle each day. Many car owners will neglect their vehicles until they break down, preventing them from doing their daily errands and causing an interruption in their schedules. Unfortunately by this time, it’s pretty much too late to get the problem resolves cheaply, and prevent excessive damage to vehicle parts.

To prevent this from happening though, the best thing a car owner can do for their vehicle is to have it serviced regularly. Getting a Tune Up in Oak Park on a regular basis, can help keep your vehicle running smoothly without any interruption to your personal schedule. Tune ups are very basic services for vehicles. They consist of replacing all the fluids in your car such as the oil, transmission fluid, and sometimes the brake fluid, as well as checking your water or coolant levels. For modern cars this will also involve changing the fuel filters out, as well as air filters. For older cars, tune ups may include carburetor cleaning as well.

When a mechanic changes the oil for your vehicle during a tune up, they will also change your oil filter. This should actually be done more than often than just the times you take your vehicle in for a tune up. Usually oils can last for a very long time, but most mechanics will suggest you get it changed out every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or every few months to keep your engine running smoothly. Transmission fluid should be changed often as well, to ensure that your transmission doesn’t get clogged up while shifting.

There are many other services you can get other than tune ups, that will benefit your car and its health. Getting your brakes checked often will help you maintain a high safety rating on your vehicle, protecting both you and your passengers. Checking your tires often, and having them replaced before the tread wears out completely is also another way of keeping your car safer while on the road.

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