Protect Your Canine Friend with an Alarm that Warns of Rising Temperatures

by | Sep 18, 2015 | Automotive

It is dangerous to leave any pet in a vehicle under the scorching sun especially, on days when the heat can become unbearable outside let alone inside of an automobile. Unfortunately, the K-9 department cannot control the calls that they will have to take. In a matter of minutes, the inside of a car can rise to temperatures that can be deadly to a dog if they are left alone too long. That is why it is important to have a K9 heat alarm that will alert the officer by a pager that the car is becoming too hot for their canine friend. The sensor will also work with the car to help cool the unit down that the animal is being kept in to help them from becoming overheated while their owner is handling a call.

Features of a Heat Alarm

  • The alarm contains a sensor that will monitor the voltage of the battery in the automobile and is displayed in LCD.
  • The device will provide status reports.
  • Gives the horn to the car a distinct sound so the owner knows that the car is becoming too hot for the animal.
  • When activated the devices will activate a fan system and drop the windows to the car to allow cool airflow for the canine. While alerting the officer through the pager, horn and siren to see to their furry friend.
  • The alarm has a self-diagnosis system that will warn if either of the sensors begin to fail.
  • A fifteen-inch cable will allow the sensors to be placed anywhere in the automobile.
  • You can access and control all the features of the alarm through a keypad.

Install a Device that Can Save Your K-9 Friends Life

Your canine partner is trained to protect and serve the community along with working by your side to ensure you safety. You want to make sure to return the same loyalty the animal shows you by placing an alarm system in your unit to help keep them cool. You do not have to worry about your partner alone in the vehicle anymore when you install a reliable alarm system to keep you alert on how hot your cruiser is becoming. You can have peace of mind while on duty knowing that if the automobile becomes too warm for them a system will immediately be activated to provide the K-9 with refreshing and cool air.

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