Knowing When You Need North Riverside Brake Service

by | May 6, 2013 | Automotive

The most important safety feature on a car is the brake system. How well brakes perform can make the difference between a scary moment and a deadly collision. It is of the utmost importance that the brakes work properly at all times. Learning when to get your brakes checked or serviced is key to properly functioning brakes.

The most common brake repair is replacing brake pads. The brake pads are what presses against the wheel to stop the car. These wear down and need replaced from time to time. It is good to have them checked at regular intervals whether you are having braking issues or not. Brake pads also have a feature to them that help in knowing when they need replaced. When the pad begins to wear low, they will begin to make a squealing noise. If squealing is heard when brakes are applied, it’s best to have them checked. A service center such as North Riverside Brake Service, will inspect them and replace the pads. If they are not replaced when needed, eventually the pads will wear so low that they will begin to make a grinding sound. This grinding sound is the bare brake pad causing damage to the rotor. This can require the rotors to be resurfaced or even replaced. To save damage and costly repairs, it is best to get the pads checked and replaced at first signs of wear.

There are lights on the dash of a car that can signal brake issues. Either an actual brake light or an ABS light, or both, these are signs that the car’s computer has noticed something wrong with either the brakes or the anti lock braking system. These should be taken seriously and inspected as soon as possible.

If the brake pedal seems spongy when pressed, or seems to go farther down than normal, this could be an issue with the brake lines. Possibly just low brake fluid, but it is always best to have them checked at North Riverside Brake Service. Any other noticeable changes to the way brakes function or sound when applied should also be checked out.

Regular maintenance and repair will keep brakes functioning properly. Properly functioning brakes can keep the roads safer for everyone.

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