Is the Land Rover Discovery in Philadelphia Your Next Buy?

by | Dec 26, 2019 | Land Rover Dealer

As you sit behind the wheel of the Land Rover Discovery in Philadelphia, you are sure to find this vehicle has a lot to offer. The newest models, the 2020, offer a lot of features all tucked into a super performing SUV. It is the type of vehicle that you will like if you want power and a lot of class in terms of style. Is it the right vehicle for your next purchase?

What Does This Vehicle Have to Offer?

The Land Rover Discovery Philadelphia is a well respected SUV. It offers an engine (on the 2020 model) that ranges from a 3.0 L 6 to a 3.0 L V6 diesel. Other options may be available as well. Designed with several trim package options, this is a very attractive vehicle for all that it offers. This particular vehicle drives like a car but offers the size and features (along with the towing and storage) of a truck. It includes off road options, too, for those looking for more adventure.

Feel the Way It Drives

When it comes to making your Land Rover a reality, visit a local dealership and take the Land Rover Discovery in Philadelphia out for a test drive. When you do, you will find it is comfortable, roomy, and designed to pack a lot of technology into it. It is also a very well designed vehicle with a reliable warranty and a lot of engine features. Is it right for you? Find out behind the wheel.

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