Is Powder Coating Better Than Spray Paint?

by | Jun 19, 2020 | Automotive

When it comes to metalwork, you might be wondering whether it is possible to simply spray paint an item, or if you should instead use a powder coating on the project. While it might seem easy to use spray paint, you will quickly discover that applying a powder coat is going to be the best option. Let’s look at some of the ways that working with a powder coat is much better than simply using spray paint.

Using spray paint is going to provide you with a coating that simply can’t stand up to the test of time. With powder coating, you will have a surface that tends to be far more durable. It can more easily withstand the weather, and it provides better resistance to chipping and scratching. With a proper coating, you will also find that it is far more resistant to corrosion, which is often a problem with various types of metal projects.

The powder coat tends to be between four and 10 times thicker than what you will find with a regular spray paint. It is easy to see just why the powder coating in Bakersfield is so much more durable. If you want to have a finish that can last, powder tends to be the way to go. In addition, the powder will adhere to substrates better than spray paint, and this also helps with the scratch and corrosion resistance.

One of the other ways that powder is better than spray paint is not often considered, even though it can be quite important. With the powder coating, you will find that it can withstand being bent without cracking or having flakes chip off from the metal. While this might not always be a concern, it is just another way that proves powder coats are superior.

Spray paint is also bad for the environment. It can be not only an environmental risk, but also a fire and health risk. It can create a bigger overall mess, as well. With powder coating, you will find that the process is environmentally friendly. It does not carry with it the same risks as spray paint, and it provides all of these other benefits we’ve mentioned.

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