Importance of Oil Change Tulsa

The engines of automobiles are composed of different moving parts, and these parts work in sync to ensure that the vehicle functions as it should. These parts are usually metallic and grate against each other when the vehicle is being operated. To ensure smooth movement of these parts, they require the action of a lubricating agent, such as engine oil. The engine oil moves over these parts and ensures that they function smoothly and effectively.

Over time, the engine oil begins to break down and may become contaminated by debris, dirt, dust, and other substances. This breakdown and contamination reduce the lubricating effect of the oil, causing more friction within the engine parts. This friction generates excessive heat and restricts the free flowing movement of the formerly lubricated components.

Effects of Dirty Oil

Dirty engine oil reduces the effective functioning of the vehicle’s engine and increases the likelihood of damage to some of the internal components. It also causes the inefficient burning of fuel and produces a thick smoke that is harmful to individuals and the environment. In some cases, the oil level will drop to dangerously low levels.

Effects of Low Oil Levels

Once this happens, the vehicle begins to develop faults and may stop functioning. In very severe cases, it causes engine knocking, meaning that some internal components of the engine become damaged beyond repair. This requires the vehicle owner to engage the services of professional auto technicians to replace the car’s engine.

Maintenance Services

During maintenance services, professional auto technicians undertake the cleaning of the oil filter and replacement of the vehicle’s engine oil. Oil Change Tulsa should be performed regularly to ensure that the vehicle’s engine continues to perform at optimal levels.

Benefits of Oil Change

Regular changing the engine oil ensures that the internal components of the engine such as the valves, pistons, etc. move and operate without friction. It also ensures that dirt and other debris that cause engine damage and corrosion are removed.

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