How to Choose the Right Auto Repair Shop for Your Car Troubles

You’re driving down the highway when you suddenly hear a noise coming from your engine. What’s your next step? Assuming that you aren’t a mechanic yourself, you’re going to need to hire one. Here are just a few suggestions when looking for a reputable, affordable auto repair shop

Check Their Services Page

Most mechanics have a page on their website for “available services” or “what we do.” This is where they’ll list all of their skills, so you can check and make sure that they’re capable of doing what you need them to do.

Get an Estimate

How much can you afford to spend on car repair? How much will you be charged for the fix? Is it a flat fee, or will you need to pay for labor and materials? Are there any deals or discounts for first-time customers?

Mind the Model

Some auto repair shops only deal with certain makes and models. If you’re specifically looking for something like BMW repair in Chicago, double-check that the shop has experience with BMWs. Only trust your vehicle with someone who knows what they’re doing!

Read Review

Reviews are a great way to gauge the value of a brand before you actually commit to them. Check out testimonials, ratings, industry rankings and social media comments. If the shop has received glowing praise from a wide variety of customers, they probably earned it.

Whether you’re looking for Volvo, Porsche, Lexus or BMW repair in Chicago, it’s important to choose the right repair shop for the job. We humbly suggest that you put Spotlight Automotive on your list of potentials. We’ve been serving the Chicago community for years, and we have a factory-trained staff ready to solve all of your vehicle’s problems!

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