How Does Mobile Auto Glass Replacement Work?

by | May 14, 2015 | Automobile

In the event a motorist needs to replace a broken windshield there are two options available; firstly the vehicle owner can go to the business location or the automotive business that offers replacement auto glass in Chicago can go to the vehicle owner’s home or office. The same companies that offer this service also undertakes crack and chip repair, filling the damaged area with resin and smoothing it until the damage is invisible. Both these procedures; replacement and repair can be done off-site, usually on the same day as the damage occurs.

The chance of an accident increases considerably when the windshield is cracked, not only is it more difficult for the driver to see there is a real chance that the windshield could simply collapse and fall into the drivers compartment. Although it is not universal, many jurisdictions demand that vehicle insurers offer mobile replacement auto glass in Chicago at no additional cost, this is meant to enforce the inherent dangers and prompt the driver to arrange immediate on-site replacement. It is a very straight forward process when submitting a claim to the insurance company. The vehicle owner really does not have to do any more than contact his or her insurer, tell them what happened and then call any mobile auto glass replacement company.

The only thing the automotive business needs is the make, model and year of the vehicle in question. In the majority of cases the company will have the windshield in their stock; this is especially true for popular cars and light trucks. If the replacement window is not immediately available it might take to the next day to arrange replacement.

The replacement process is quite straight forward. Once the technicians arrive at your home they will remove the outer trim that surrounds the windshield. After attaching a couple of suction cups the damaged windshield is removed. The replacement windshield is installed using the same procedure but in reverse order. The entire process is usually completed in less than half an hour and the vehicle can be driven immediately upon completion.

In many cases the windshield does not have to be replaced, it can be repaired. If the crack is not immediately in the driver’s line of vision and does not appear to be serious enough to spread a resin material can be injected into the area. The resin is subjected to an UV light source to cure; it is then polished to the point where the damage has simply disappeared.

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