Here’s What to Do When You’re Moving and Can’t Tow Your Second Car

You’ve learned that your employer is going to transfer you across the country. You’re making lists of things to do, such as hiring a moving company, gathering packing materials, finding someone to look after your dog, and figuring out where to sell or donate things you won’t be taking with you.

You forgot about the second car you keep around in case your main car develops problems. You can’t tow the car. What should you do? Junk car buyers in Chicago to the rescue! If your second auto isn’t a beater, that’s OK. Junk car buyers buy vehicles in any condition, running or not. The idea is to get rid of unwanted vehicles and get cash into your hands. You’ll rest easier knowing you won’t have to worry about the second car.

Will They Tow the Car?

Yes, junk car buyers in Chicago will tow the car at no cost to you. They’ll put the money in your hand. After that, you can forget all about dealing with a surplus vehicle, so you can get back to packing up and moving.

What About an Estimate?

Junk car buyers will evaluate your vehicle on the spot. Then they’ll give you a fair and honest estimate. Once you accept, they will arrange to pick up the car and give you your money. They take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry.

Make Sure You Have the Title

Before paying you and towing your vehicle away, junk car buyers need to be sure you actually own the car. If you don’t have your title or can’t find it, just apply to the DMV in your area for a replacement. Once it arrives, call the junk car buyers, and they’ll take care of the rest.

If you have any questions, the buyers at Aero Auto Parts will be happy to help. Visit or call the company to learn more.

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