Great Advice From The Specialists on Tires in Albany NY

by | May 22, 2013 | Tires

No matter what type of vehicle you’re driving, your tires literally are what connect you to the roadways. Having old, worn out tires can be extremely hazardous. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the air pressure and tread on a regular basis to be sure you are getting the most protection from them. The tires Albany NY dealers warn, must be properly inflated, regularly rotated and replaced when they begin to show wear and tear.

So, how do you know if any of the above pertain to the tires on your vehicle? Two of the easiest things to check are the air pressure and wear on the tires. For the air pressure, just get a pressure gauge and press it to the stem valve that protrudes from the tire. The measuring stick will pop out and show what the pressure is in that particular tire. Generally, on the inside of the door of the driver’s side of the car, there will be a description of what the tire pressure should be. If your tire is in range, then you are all set. If it is under-inflated, you need to add air. Under-inflated tires can be very dangerous and not allow proper maneuvering when needed. They’re also going to be more prone to blow-outs because under-inflated tires heat up inside faster and wear down the inside of the tire. The tires Albany NY experts say that if yours are over-inflated, you can easily lose control when turning and stopping. Also, wet conditions can be more hazardous than normal. Just push the inside of the stem with the end of the pressure gauge to allow air to escape. Just continue to measure until the pressure is normal. Checking your tire pressure once a month is a good idea.

Observing the wear and tear on your tires is not difficult. The tires Albany NY specialists explain that when you purchase new tires, you can see the way the tread is clearly “tracked”, with the zig-zag patterns. That’s where the water runs through when you drive in the rain. The tread keeps your tires running evenly on the road so that you can control where the car goes easily. When you don’t see that stark contrast of tread, but a smoother appearance on the tires, it’s time to replace them. The tires Albany NY sales team can help you choose the correct tires.

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