Getting The Best Auto Body Shop Repairs In Chicago

by | Apr 19, 2013 | Repair and Service

What is the best way to get your car fixed after it has been in a collision? Very soon after the accident an insurance agent will come to talk to you. They will want to hear about the accident and anyone that may have been injured. They will also attempt to get an adjuster out to try to determine what the damage to your car is. One of the things that they will do is to suggest that you use one of the Auto Body Shop Chicagovenders that they “commonly” deal with.

Do not let them talk you into using one of their vendors though. Vendors get on insurance preferred lists by giving them big discounts on services like storage and towing of cars. There really is no guarantee that they are any better at fixing your car than one not on that list.

If you have had body work done on your car in the past and were very happy with the work done, you should consider having them do the repairs. If you haven’t, get friends or family members to recommend an Auto Body Shop Chicago, and think about choosing them.

If or when you tell the insurance agent that you prefer not to use an Auto Body Shop Chicago on their list, they will say that you should get estimates for 3 or more shops. Under the law you can have your car fixed at any Auto Body Shop Chicago that you want. No insurance company can make you use any one shop.

Once you choose the Auto Body Shop Chicago that you want, go visit the shop and talk with the manager. Ask them which of their mechanics is their most experienced and best trained. Ask which one is their favorite or the one they depend on most. That is the mechanic you want to work on your car. When a mechanic gets their boss’s high praise, they will work extra hard to give you their very best work. It will become a matter of pride. They will not want to fail the praise the boss had for them.

Now that you know the best way to get your car fixed, you will never again be taken advantage of by an insurance company. When you take your car back, you will know that you can depend on the quality of its repairs.

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