Getting Behind The Wheel Of A Jaguar XJ

Vehicle manufacturers are always adding to their line of vehicles, which also means retiring some models. In 2019, the last of the Jaguar XJ luxury sedans were sold at dealerships in the Philadelphia area as new cars. Today, buyers in the area can still own an XJ, with options to purchase a certified pre-owned and as used vehicle.

The Certified Pre-Owned Advantage

One of the considerations for anyone interested in a Jaguar XJ, Philadelphia is to opt to purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle. Only vehicles that meet the mileage and age specification and pass the rigorous inspection and testing can be sold as certified pre-owned vehicles.

Buyers opting for a certified pre-owned vehicle will also have the benefit of a warranty and roadside assistance. As with all Jaguars, other perks and benefits are also included. The lower mileage and newer year model of these cars allow them to retain a higher value for resale.

Lower Pricing

Car buyers on a budget in Philadelphia can still take advantage of the great deals on pre-owned XJ models. These pre-owned models will still provide years of exceptional driving, all combined with the luxury and the prestige of owning a Jag.

Dealerships offer financing on both certified pre-owned and used Jaguar XJ models. Taking advantage of this financing often allows for a longer loan period than traditional lenders. In addition, the Jaguar dealership will accept your current vehicle as a trade-in, eliminating the stress and challenge of managing a private car sale.

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